Join Us

Postdoctoral scholars:

We are currently hiring postdoctoral scholars to work on various exciting research directions in our group. Please contact for more information. 

Graduate students:

We study exciting and novel physical and chemical properties in 1D and 2D materials and realize precise structural manipulations down to the atomic scale in these materials to achieve desired properties and functionalities. If you are interested in joining us, please apply to the physics graduate program at UCSC and mention my name in the application. You can also contact me for more details.

Undergraduate students:

We welcome highly motivated undergraduate students to join us. The students will have the opportunity to get involved in diverse research projects in my group, and gain first-hand research experience under the supervision of me and the senior personnel in the lab. If you are interested please contact me.


We are happy to host visitors that are interested in our research.

For all inquiries please contact: